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Network Crane Hire is a professional family owned business in practise since 1987 with a sound reputation for quality and dependable service. We provide mobile crane hire service with our fleet ranging from 3 Tonnes to 100 Tonnes including All Terrain Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, Franna Cranes, City Cranes, and Crawler Cranes.

Network Crane Hire operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee we provide you with the best possible service and for quality service we personally inspect each job to ensure that the high standards we expect of our company are met.

Our services include:Crane Industry Association Australia

  • Machinery and Plant Relocation
  • Project management and site co-ordination
  • Heavy lift solutions including rigging design
  • Complete lift study analysis
  • Tilt panel layouts and erection of all precast concrete elements
  • Air conditioning installation / replacement and overhaul projects
  • General construction site repetitive service
  • Traffic management plans
  • Transport solutions / heavy and long movement
  • Documentation and co-ordination required for land and road closures
  • Hire Equipment: Certified brick cages, skips, concrete and landscaped kibbles, spreader bars etc.

For more information about Network Crane Hire services or to speak to one of our friendly staff. Call now on 1300 886 479.